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    Exploring the Role of Eco-Friendly Accommodations in Promoting Sustainable Tourism

    Aim: The aim of this study is to investigate how tourists’ perceptions of sustainability are influenced by environmentally friendly accommodation.


    • To examine environmental practices adopted by eco-friendly accommodations.
    • To analyse tourists’ perceptions and willingness to pay for eco-friendly services.
    • To evaluate the impact of eco-friendly accommodations on the local environment.

    The Influence of Green Certifications on Tourist Choices in the Hospitality Industry

    Aim: The aim is to assess how green certification affects travelers’ hotel choices..


    • To collect the necessary green credentials held by the hospitality sector.
    • To measure tourist awareness and confidence in green certificates.
    • To determine how green credentials affect booking priorities.
    • To assess how they believe green credentials affect overall visitor enjoyment and experience.

    The Long-Term Impact of Covid-19 on International Travel Behaviour

    Aim: The aim is to assess how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected people’s long-term decisions to travel abroad.


    • To analyse changes in travelers’ preferences and priorities post-pandemic.
    • To identify emerging trends in international travel.
    • To assess the implications of these changes for the tourism industry.
    • To assess the success of recent health and safety initiatives by the travel and hospitality industry.

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    The Effect of Covid-19 on Hospitality Workforce Management

    Aim: The aim of this study is to examine the impact of COVID-19 on labor management in the hospitality industry.


    • To assess the challenges faced by the hotel industry throughout the pandemic.
    • To identify ways in which hotels effectively manage their employees.
    • To assess how these strategies will affect employee retention and satisfaction in the long term.

    The Economic Impact of Ecotourism on Rural Communities

    Aim: This study aims to assess the economic impact of ecotourism in rural areas.


    • To examine the contribution of ecotourism to the local economy.
    • To identify economic benefits for rural households.
    • To proposed strategies to maximize the economic impact of ecotourism.
    • To ensure the sustainability of the economic benefits of ecotourism in rural areas.

    Ecotourism and Environmental Education: A Synergistic Relationship

    Aim: The aim is to explore the relationship between ecotourism and environmental education.


    • To identify ecotourism activities with educational components.
    • To assess how ecotourism affects tourists’ environmental awareness.
    • To identify ways to improve the educational value of ecotourism.
    • To assess the contribution of local educators and guides to environmental education through ecotourism.

    The Economic Impact of Educational Tourism on Host Communities

    Aim: The primary aim is to determine the economic impact of educational tourism on host communities.


    • To assess the impact of educational tourism on the regional economy.
    • To identify the benefits of nearby companies and businesses.
    • To identify strategies to optimize the economic value of educational tourism.
    • To assess the potential for long-term economic benefits due to educational travel.

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      Sustainability in Educational Tourism: Practices and Policies

      Aim: The main aim of the study is to follow environmentally friendly policies and procedures..


      • To identify sustainable practices in educational tourism programs.
      • To assess the impact of these practices on the environment and host communities.
      • To assess the efficacy of current sustainability certifications and standards in educational tourism programmes.
      • To propose policy to increase the sustainability of educational tourism.

      The Role of Heritage Sites in Educational Tourism

      Aim: The aim is to examine how heritage buildings function in educational tourism and how they influence education.


      • To identify historic sites used as tourist educational sites.
      • To assess students’ academic achievement and cultural awareness.
      • To make recommendations on how to improve the educational value of heritage assets.
      • To evaluate efforts to sustain and preserve historic sites for educational tourism.

      The Influence of Technology on Educational Tourism Experiences

      Aim: The ultimate aim is to determine how modern technology affects the educational travel experience.


      • To identify the technological tools used in educational visits.
      • To assess how these technologies affect performance and learning.
      • To assess the cost and availability of technological development travel opportunities presentation.
      • To explore how sophisticated technologies such as augmented virtual reality can improve educational travel experiences.
      • To assess the challenges and barriers associated with using technology in the educational journey.


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