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    Enhancing the performance of a residential energy management system through incorporating renewable energy and storage

    Aim: This study aim to provide an improved home energy management system (OHEMS) that integrates the residential sector into distributed solar energy (DSM) initiatives and makes it easier to integrate renewable energy sources (RES) and energy storage systems (ESS).


    • To persuade the consumers to reduce the amount of energy consumed at peak hours or to shift their usage to the off-peak hours.
    • To reduce the overall electricity expenditure to as much as possible by effectively planning the appliances present in each and every home.
    • To support the interconnection of Renewable Energy sources into the residential sector within the enhanced home energy management system.

    Machine learning-based predictive maintenance solution for industrial production lines utilising real-time IoT data.

    Aim: The aim of the study is to create a machine learning-based predictive maintenance model for production-line manufacturing, which will identify possible future failures. This predictive capacity is expected to cut on the time during which the machines do not produce, enhance the productivity, and lessen the expenses incurred on maintaining the machines. It mainly adopted the strategy of leveraging data collected from the IoT devices to make reasonable predictions regarding equipment breakdowns.


    • To establish a solid system for proper management of large flow of data in the process of data processing.
    • To employ procedures and strategies that minimize chances of data loss and enhance the conversion process.
    • To ensure the best performing models are incorporated in the production environment.

    Analysis of large volume of traffic on overall road pavement condition and performance

    Aim: This study mainly aim to assess the impact of vehicles on the structure and economic cost associated with the road pavement construction.


    • To find out how overloaded vehicles affect pavement of roads compared to the vehicle within the road limits.
    • To assess the construction costs subjected due to the traffic load.
    • To analyse how vehicles like trucks affect the pavement of the roads.

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    Sustainable Construction with the Use of Green Building Technologies

    Aim: The study aim to explore the environment friendly materials for construction their sustainability and impact on the environment.


    • To reduce carbon dioxide emissions in order to improve the climate
    • To evaluate the influence of employing environmentally favourable building materials
    • To attain sustainability objectives over the long term, it is necessary to suggest methods and materials that will work.

    Adapting Built Infrastructure to Climate Change and Reducing Its Risks through Engineering

    Aim: The following study aim to analyse how risk-based methods are perfect for improving built-in infrastructure’s climate adaption plans over the lifespan of a project.


    • To calculate the advantages and disadvantages of adaption strategies.
    • To determine if adaptation to climate change may be postponed and at what point it becomes economically feasible.
    • To evaluate the efficacy and financial viability of built infrastructure climate adaption solutions.

    Engineering Approaches to Ensuring Access to Clean Water in Developing Nations

    Aim: The aim of this study is to investigate the existing strategies and innovations, which would help to solve the problem of water scarcity and water quality, and that is especially crucial in the developing countries..


    • To compare and evaluate the effectiveness of different water disinfection techniques such as solar water disinfection, filtration, and combined filtration methods in terms of removing physical, chemical, and microbiological contaminants in water intended for drinking.
    • To examine the causes of water pollution, some of the possible contaminants are also described in relation to human health impact.
    • To encourage the use of bottom-up approaches to solve various water treatment hurdles that people are facing such as using tera filters, and hand pumps.

    Modern engineering Remedies for Soil Preservation and Erosion Control

    Aim: This research is to explore new applications, future trends in soil erosion management, and contemporary technical solutions for traditional soil preservation and erosion control.


    • To find out new and novel methods and materials that can be used to maintain the stability of the soil and prevent erosion
    • To compare the efficiency and practicability of various engineering measures involving soil conservation and control of erosion with a view to their applicability in different settings of the environment and land.
    • To enhance knowledge and skills of all groups of people involved from farmers to land managers, engineers, and policymakers regarding the proper approach to handling issues related to soil preservation and erosion.

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      Technologies for Green Manufacturing: Minimizing Waste, Maximizing Resource Efficiency, and Preventing Pollution

      Aims : Tis study aims to ensure the achievement and improvement of sustainability in production processes through the integration of green technologies that can reduce waste and emissions and increase utilization efficiency of resources.


      • To support recycling and re-use to get more usage out of the items and not partake in the landfill creation.
      • To eliminate the hazardous substances and find their safe counterparts to limit thir impact on the environment.
      • To use renewable materials and obtain inputs with minimum waste and energy use to improve resource effectiveness.

      Enhancing habitat for protected species via the use of vegetation modification and ecosystem engineers

      Aims: the study aims to enhance the habitat for the species by incorporation of vegetation modification and ecosystem engineers.


      • To execute temporary remedies, such as the relocation of animals
      • To restore important ecological processes on reserves that are protected.
      • To create an environment that gives both native and invading species food and shelter

      Reconstruction and disaster response as a project using project management operations

      Aims: The study aims to enhance organisational strategies for planning and implementing reconstruction and disaster response operations through competent project management approaches, thereby facilitating timely, efficient and sustainable response.


      • To evaluate the disaster response management plan that comprise risk evaluation, resource provision, and information sharing.
      • To make sure that the employees, tools, and other necessary supplies are delivered on time to the areas that were impacted.
      • To assess disaster response actions, and reconstruction activities to determine effective methods and potential changes for future application.


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