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    Here Is The Trending Nursing Dissertation Topics Ideas For UK Students

    The impact of Electronic Health Records on Nursing Practice

    Aim: To assess the impact of Electronic Health Records (HER) in enhancing the nursing practices based on the aspects of efficiency, accuracy and outcomes of patients.


    • To assess the impact of EHRs on the efficiency of work, documentation validity and information exchange among the nursing staff.
    • To reveal incentives and barriers to EHR use in the clinical environment to guide enhancement interventions.

    The impact of Leadership Styles on Nursing Job Satisfaction and Retention

    Aim: In order to investigate, it is necessary to explore the impact of leadership styles on the level of satisfaction and turnover of nurses in healthcare organisations.


    • To investigate the current leadership approaches and its influence on nurse morale, job satisfaction and turnover.
    • To reveal leadership behaviours that can promote retention and satisfaction levels among nurses.

    The Role of School Nurses in Promoting Adolescent Health

    Aim: In order to determine and identify the roles played by school nurses in the health of adolescents.


    • To accomplish the purpose of identifying the role of school nurses on positive adolescent health behaviors, disease prevention, education, and early identification.
    • To show the role of school nurses in promoting the health of adolescence.

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    Assessing the Effectiveness of Telehealth in Managing Diabetes in Rural Populations

    Aim: To explore the factors that are influence the use of telehealth services in the management of diabetes in rural communities.


    • To assess the differences in the results of diabetes management between patients who have undergone telehealth interventions and those who have been offered conventional services.
    • To determine the advantages and disadvantages of telehealth implementation in enhancing diabetes care among rural patients.

    Nursing Interventions for Suicide Prevention in Adolescents

    Aim: In order to evaluate the impact of nursing intervention on the incidence of suicide among adolescents.


    • To compare and contrast multiple nursing interventions and plans related to suicidal actions and thoughts in adolescents.
    • To provide recommendations for better mental health for adolescents

    The Role of Psychiatric Nurses in the Rehabilitation of Substance Abuse Patients

    Aim: This study aims to explore and establish the contribution of psychiatric nurses in the rehabilitation of substance abuse patients.


    • To compare the level of care provided by psychiatric nurses and the subsequent recovery of patient with a substance abuse history.
    • To evaluate areas of practice of psychiatric nurses and how they engage the patients to enhance their rehabilitation.

    The Role of Family-Centered Care in Pediatric Nursing

    Aim: In order to examine the effects of family involvement in care on nursing outcomes for children.


    • To compare the health and recovery of the pediatric patients who are cared by families with the other pediatric patients.
    • To evaluate the advantages of using family centered approaches in enhancing pediatric health care experiences as well as outcomes.

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      Assessing the Quality of Life in Nursing Home Residents

      Aim: In order to compare the quality of life of the residents of the nursing homes.


      • To assess factors affecting the quality of life and life satisfaction of patient in nursing home, care delivery, social contacts, and health.
      • To establish areas of concern regarding the care given to patients in nursing home.

      The Impact of Physical Activity Programs on the Health of Older Adults

      Aim: To establish the impact of physical activity programs in the improvement of health status of the elderly.


      • To identify the impact of daily exercise on the physical, psychological, and social well-being of elderly people.
      • To help in establishing more effective exercise programs that can be implemented on elderly persons.

      Innovative Teaching Strategies in Nursing Education

      Aim: To identify the new trends in the nursing education and to determine the effectiveness of such approaches in providing students learning outcomes.


      • To detect and assess new models of education for improving the knowledge, skills, and problem-solving abilities of the nursing students.
      • To offer recommendations on enhancing the nursing education with the help of innovative approaches to the teaching process.


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