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Dr. Lexie Brown

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Dr. Lexie Brown is the founder and CEO of Help With Dissertation. A platform offering abundant services related to academic growth and dissertation consultation with numerous benefits specially designed by her end. The aim of her profession revolves around solving academic queries and standing up for the students in growth need that can level up their ranking and eventually academic career.

The Dissertation Cycle

Our professional dissertation writers follow a step-by-step procedure in order to produce quality content. From drafting to final submission, each step is followed professionally. The steps that are included in this process are following;

Sharing The Details

The first step of this procedure is sharing the details. Here, the project requirement is provided. The demands are mentioned, and all the details regarding the outline, framework, type of research, study, and deadline are provided by the client.

Selecting the Topic

The next step after the detailing is the selection of the topic. A customized list of dissertation topics is provided. The list includes all the specific topics related to the subject. For each course, the topic’s research factor is high.

Drafting The Outline

Once the topic is selected, it is time to draft the outline. The outline is the depiction of the dissertation. It is a rough draft that is presented before further proceeding. It includes the whole guideline of how the work would be done, step by step.

Proposal Writing

For quick approval from the teacher, an official proposal is drafted. It is written by following the outline. It must include the aim, objectives, and problem statement of your dissertation.

Dissertation Chapters

The five chapters of the dissertation are penned down.

  • Chapter I: Introduction
  • Chapter II: Literature Review
  • Chapter III: Research Methodology
  • Chapter IV: Data Analysis (Results)
  • Chapter V: Conclusion (Consist of, Findings, Discussions, limitations, Implications, Recommendations)
Dissertation -Formatting-and-Structuring
Dissertation Formatting and Structuring

To note down the dissertation chapters formally, a proper structure is followed. The information is added accordingly and in a flow, in the relevant chapter. Dissertations are mainly written in 12 Times New Roman font with double spacing.

Referencing and Citations

To acknowledge the work that is used in the research, referencing and citations are added at the end of the dissertation. Here, the owners of all the information that was used in the research paper are mentioned. Referencing is important so that, there is no plagiarism. There are various referencing styles such as APA, MLA, Harvard, etc. The university determines which style should be followed for dissertation referencing.

Dissertation Editing And Proofreading

Once the dissertation is written it is then proofread and edited appropriately. All the mistakes that were unknowingly made in the first attempt are corrected in this step. The dissertation should be edited promptly.

Quality Assurance

After the dissertation is proofread and edited it is then further submitted for quality assurance. Here, the dissertation is re-proofread by the mentor of all the professionals, and a good-to-go signal is given.

Final Submission

After receiving the green signal from the mentor, the dissertation is ready for the final submission. The procedure of all the previous 9 steps comes to an end in this step. And the dissertation is finally submitted to the client to attain the best grades.

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Discover the achievements attained by our highly qualified authors. Their accomplishments make them more than capable of handling your dissertation.

Dr. Donald Foreman

Expertise In: 6+ Subjects

Recommended: 97%

Dissertation Expert

With 7+ years of experience in writing dissertations for numerous students, Dr. Foreman is the first choice of every student. He is the ultimate asset on our team of PhD qualified dissertation writers.

Dr. Donna Quartermaine

Expertise In: 7+ Subjects

Recommended: 96%

Dissertation Consultant

With 7+ years of experience in consulting students in their various dissertation hurdles, Dr. Quartermaine is the Godsend for every student experiencing difficulty in writing a dissertation. Our customers’ every issue is resolved after getting her expert consultation.

Dr. Rosanne Timber

Expertise In: 5+ Subjects

Recommended: 94%

Dissertation Writer

With 5+ years of experience in writing dissertations for our prestigious company, Dr. Timber has always presented her best work. She is one of the most reliable dissertation writers. Her work never falls short of students’ expectations.

Dr. Jasper Hughes

Expertise In: 5+ Subjects

Recommended: 93%

Dissertation Specialist

With 6+ years of experience in writing dissertations for students from various esteemed universities, Dr. Hughes has always been a reliable source for students. With his exceptionally written dissertations, our customers are never dissatisfied with our services.
What Steps You Should Take To Get Dissertation
Help Online?

Are you thinking that taking online dissertation help is more hassle than you want to handle? Then approach HelpWithDissertation and get the dissertation help UK students’ desire in just 3 simple steps.

Step One: Approach Us

Your first step is pretty easy. Just find the order now button and click it. This will lead you to another page. On the next page, you will be providing the key information.

Step Two: Give Information

The second step is about providing your information. Write your name, email address, phone number, education level, number of pages, word count, and major course name, and the topic of the dissertation, delivery time, and citation style. And click on the submit button to lock your order.

Step Three: Get Dissertation

Now relax and enjoy. You will get updates on the progress of your dissertation. Meanwhile, if you have any concerns easily contact our 24/7 customer help service. You will receive your dissertation on the delivery time you have chosen.

Important Things to Look For When Getting Help With Dissertation

If you are looking to find a service to help you with your dissertation, don’t just trust any service. There are some important elements that make a dissertation help service a perfect fit for you. Always make sure that below mentioned services are included in the dissertation help you choose.

  • Confidentiality When you approach a service to get help with a dissertation, you are giving them your trust. And it is their responsibility not to break it. Make sure that the service you are putting your trust in offers 100% confidentiality. Your personal information should be always protected.
  • Free Revisions Make sure to check that they will be providing you with free revisions. This is important to check before you hire someone to get help with the dissertation. Because if they are guaranteeing a perfect result then they should give this service freely.
  • 24/7 Customer Support It is essential that you can approach the chosen service any time you want. This way your queries will be resolved instantly. So don’t settle for anything less and choose the dissertation help that is always ready to assist you.
  • No Hidden Charges Many companies will lure you in with false promises and charge you for every little service. Search the reputation of the company you are choosing. Contact their customer service and ensure they do not apply hidden charges.
  • Bonus: you don’t have to find dissertation help that offers all the above mentioned perks. HelpWithDissertation has all of that and more. So, don’t hesitate and contact us now.

What Difficulties Do Students Experience While Writing A Dissertation?

Every student gets stuck on a different step when writing a dissertation. But they are united through the nature of the struggle. There are some common difficulties that compels students to seek dissertation help online, those are:

  • Lack of Time Collecting data, analyzing the data, and interpreting the data takes all the time students are allotted for the dissertation. This leaves little time for perfectly writing the dissertation. But our expert help with dissertation can easily let them beat the deadline.
  • Poor Writing Skills Writing is an art not everyone can excel in. Some students just don’t have the talent of writing the dissertation up to the expectations of their professor. Not to mention the feelings of incompetency this arises. That feeling ultimately puts a stop to the progress of the dissertation. But online dissertation help from us can easily kick start the stilted progress.
  • Quality Information A good dissertation is equipped with quality research. But extensive research easily becomes a hard-to-achieve task. But students can get a good and cheap dissertation help UK standard to obtain a perfectly-researched dissertation right on time. HelpWithDissertation is that dissertation help service that will ensure the quality of your dissertation.
  • Plagiarism Crisis Falling down the rabbit hole of plagiarism is a common thing for dissertations. Students work hard to avoid their dissertation from slipping down this steep. But nobody said it is an easy task. But taking dissertation help is the safety net every student hopes to get. This way dissertation crisis can be easily sidestepped.
  • Correct Referencing Format Just like a dissertation has a formal format, referencing also follows the correct formatting rule. Wrong referencing style can discredit the whole dissertation in a blink. What every student needs is the best UK dissertation help to ensure the quality of reference list. Because the expert writers have complete knowledge of correct reference formatting.
  • Are you worried about how you will avoid all these missteps? Remember, if you don’t, they will instantly lower the quality of your dissertation. So take the dissertation help UK students only dream of getting, while writing their dissertation.

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Most of the students encounter this question. The answer is “your deadline”. But our team of professional writers makes sure to submit you the work at least 3 days before the final deadline. So that, if there is a need for any changes or if it requires editing, it can be done in the time span of three days.

We have a team of professional dissertation writers who will be assigned to work on your dissertation. The selection of your writer would be done on the basis of your requirement. The criteria and the format of your dissertation would be the basis of selecting your dissertation writer.

The dissertation written by our PhD-qualified writers is 100% original. Every dissertation is written from scratch to maintain the criteria of originality. Further, you will detect zero plagiarism in your dissertation. That is another proof of the originality of your dissertation written by us.

Our first goal is customer satisfaction. We believe in providing the top quality work to our customers. Most of our clients recommend us to others. Our service is totally reliable in terms of writing, authenticity, and genuineness.

The procedure of writing the dissertation is followed step-by-step. Our team makes sure to provide you with relevant work. First a writer is selected, then the topic is selected, after that an outline is drafted, then a proposal is made, dissertation chapters are constructed, results are discussed, conclusion, and abstract are written.