Criminal Law Dissertation Topics

The Best Criminal Law Dissertation Topics For Law Students.

Undoubtedly, the whole dissertation writing process is daunting for many students. And this is especially true for law students. It is because any issue in law has to be tackled carefully. A law dissertation is demanding because it requires relevant cases, regulations, and data to address the problem successfully. It is important to analyze the facts from the criminal law act before framing the question.

To successfully completing the criminal law dissertation, it is important to include the facts in the law case where it is relevant to properly scrutinize the issues. These kinds of requirements make it difficult for the students to think about where to start when it comes to writing an effective criminal law dissertation. Therefore, it is in students’ best interest to seek reliable criminal law dissertation assistance.

These types of students’ concerns start from searching the great topics for dissertation in criminal law to achieve the possible highest grades. Thus, this article includes dissertation topics in the key area of criminal law.

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Latest Criminal law research paper topics of the year

Here you go with your most awaited 2022 criminal law dissertation topics with the brief research aim of each topic.

Is the English law interpretation of the defense of diminished responsibility fair?

Aims and Objective:

The Homicide Act 1957 (HA 1957) s. 2(1) (as amended by the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 (CJOA 2009)) defines the diminished responsibility defense. This only used as a defense in a murder case (Campbell [1997] Crim LR 495). As a result, the defendant has to demonstrate that they have a1: 1) a medical condition; 2) this medical condition has affected their abilities, or 3) provide an explanation of the act that resulted in the death of another person. This approach been criticized for being unduly restrictive; as a result, this topic will be investigated to see if the defense and its application should be broadened, particularly in light of human rights concerns.

Is the criminal law's response to omissions adequate?

Aims and Objective:

This topic will look into whether there should be criminal liability for omissions or not, which will include a discussion of the difference between criminal negligence and recklessness. It was held in R v Miller [1983] 1 All ER 978 that if the behavior of an omission is equivalent to a positive act, criminal liability should be imposed. As a result, this issue will investigate the viability of applications in English and other common law jurisdictions.

Is the rape law sufficient to protect legitimate victims while also preventing bogus “victims" from abusing the provisions?

Aims and Objective:

It is important to develop a balance because it might be difficult to discern between a “genuine” and a “bogus” claim in the law of rape. As a result, permission and the victim’s sexual history can be crucial factors; nevertheless, these questions should not be asked beyond the victim’s claimed offense (ss. 41-3 Youth Justice & Criminal Evidence Act 1999, R v Kevin John Cartwright, unreported, (2007)). However, as the case of R v A [2001] UKHL 25 demonstrated, the victim-offender relationship is important since it can lead to consent. The issue is that the law is putting the victim on trial, indicating a systemic imbalance.

The Importance of International Criminal Law in the Prevention of Genocide

Aims and Objective:

The goal of this research is to determine the role of international criminal law in preventing worldwide genocide. It will examine several instances of international genocide and determine how international criminal laws have contributed to the reduction of such crimes. Finally, it will provide recommendations for potential reforms to international criminal laws to effectively combat worldwide genocide. And it will be accomplished by analyzing the criminal laws of the world’s most powerful countries to reduce genocide.

The COVID-19 pandemic's legal implications for Canadian immigration and what to do next

Aims and Objective:

This research will look at how the Canadian government avails the benefits from immigration resources, the impact of COVID-19 on Canadian immigration, present immigration legislation, COVID-19’s effects on immigration law, and proposed adjustments to mitigate the impact, and the way forward.

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