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      Academic Stress and Students’ life!

      Every year, a lot of students struggle, not only academically but mentally and physically too. The only reason being; studies. No matter how hard the students try, they often end messing up one or another subject. This series of endless struggles is always topped with a cherry called “Dissertation”. When students enter their final year, they have to submit a final project which includes everything they studied from the beginning to the end. This project is called a thesis or dissertation.

      Importance of Dissertation:

      To many students, the dissertation may sound like nothing but a headache, but that isn’t so. Dissertation is the final project that helps the students in identifying what they have learned throughout their college life. A lot of students specifically wait for the final year just so that they can enjoy writing their dissertation. Yes, finishing the dissertation mostly becomes a struggle but that is not the end and nobody must give up!

      How to write a dissertation

      Dissertation writing is not as tough as it may sound. Many students fear the dissertation only because they have been told that dissertation writing is difficult. There are certain norms and basics of writing a dissertation.

      The five basic chapters of the dissertation:

      1.    Introduction:
      After getting your proposal approved, the first most important step is to write the introduction. When writing the introduction, the student must ensure three things; Consistency, Interaction, and Relevancy.

      • Consistency: While writing the introduction the student must make sure that he sticks to the topic from the beginning to the end. Readers, especially professors do not prefer distractions. The best way to let your reader stick to your dissertation is to ensure consistency of the content.
      • Interaction: Nobody likes reading boring content. The first step towards making the dissertation read-worthy is by making sure that it is interactive. When the professor finds the introduction interesting then only he will invest time into reading further.
      • Relevancy: To make sure that the introduction is relevant to the study, research, and the topic that the student has chosen. The introduction must be reliable, and it should include all the basic and relevant information about the topic but in the most consistent and interactive manner.

      2.    Literature Review:
      As the name tells for itself, the literature review is the mention of all the previous available literature that the student uses. The literature review includes all the surveys, articles, and scholarly sources that are being used in the research conducted by the students. The review of the literature makes it easier for the professor to judge the relevance between the topic and the research conducted by the student.
      3.    Research Methodology:
      The mention of the word methodology clearly demonstrates the reason behind this chapter of dissertation writing. In this part, the methods of research are discussed; briefly. It tells all the procedures and techniques that are used while conducting the research. The methods of the study, survey, questionnaire, method of data analysis, etc.
      4.    Results:
      This part discusses the analysis which is done through the research conducted by the students. In this step, the students mention all the observations that they make throughout their research process. This part is divided into three parts; Findings, Results, and Limitations.

      • Findings: Here the students will tell about everything that they found, relevant to their studies. All the analysis that the students made while conducting the research, and how was the analysis relevant to their topic.
      • Results: After discussing the findings, the students then discuss the results.
      • Limitations: In this part, all the limitations that were encountered are discussed. The students mention that how they faced the limitations, what were the difficulties that they faced, and how they were encountered are discussed in this part of the dissertation.

      5.    Discussion:
      This is the most interesting part of the dissertation. Here the students can discuss their points of view. Here the students can write about their preference, give an idea on how things can be improved, discuss what they think is wrong, and etc. After giving a good summary, and discussion, the students then write a conclusion.

      Dos and Don’ts of a dissertation:

      Dos Don’ts
      Do proper planning Start immediate working
      Manage your time Waste time and get distracted
      Conduct a detailed research Rely on previously conducted researches
      Arrange meetings with the supervisor Ignore the meetings
      Know your methods well Use multiple methods at a time
      Be precise and keep it short Discuss the same thing again and again
      Proofread and edit at least twice Submit it as soon as you finish it


      • Proper Planning: Students cannot do their dissertation until and unless they do proper planning. Make a schedule and follow it!
      • Manage your time: To be successful, time management is very important. There should be a clear path to guide on how to manage the time flawlessly.
      • Conduct detailed research: Students cannot complete their dissertation until they do proper research on the topic. To get knowledge one must conduct good research through surveys, questionnaires, etc.
      • Arrange meetings with the supervisor: To be perfect from beginning to end, it is mandatory to stay in contact with the supervisor. Students must share all their steps and processes with their supervisors.
      • Know your methods well: The students should have a clear idea about the methods that they will use for their research and they should know how to use those methods properly. Knowing the data analysis method and using it properly is where the students should focus a lot.
      • Be Precise and keep it short: Try to communicate your ideas and thoughts in the most precise way. Nobody wants to read something that is too lengthy.
      • Proofread and edit at least twice: Editing and proofreading are one of the most important steps of dissertation submission. A student must always remember to follow these steps, religiously!


      • Start immediate working: Students should not rush into working. They should do planning and then start working on their dissertation accordingly.
      • Waste time and get distracted: Remember, a dissertation is not one of those assignments that could be completed overnight. To score a good grade, students should pay proper time and attention to their dissertation.
      • Rely on previously conducted researches: Th researches that are conducted should only be used for an idea they shouldn’t be relied upon.
      • Ignore the meetings: To work flawlessly, it is mandatory to acknowledge the mentor and ask for their help every now and then. Those who don’t conduct meetings often end up in a mess.
      • Use multiple methods at a time: The students should choose one or two methods of research and stick to them from beginning to end. Using multiple methods of research can create a problem and mess things up.
      • Discuss the same thing again and again: Repetition makes a reader lose interest. Students must make sure that they do not repeat the same thing and same content again and again. Nobody likes reading boring and repetitive content.
      • Submit it as soon as you finish it: The worst thing that students can do is submit their dissertation as soon as they finish it. Editing and proofreading are very important. The goal should be to complete the dissertation before time and then edit it.

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