Feminist Research Topics

Most popular feminist research topics for Dissertation for UK students 2022.

Developing a long-term project, such as a dissertation, on feminist philosophy and critique is a tangible way to contribute to an ever-evolving and complicated field of study. Because the central issue of “feminism” is such a large and all-encompassing topic, there are several options to pursue. We are here to arrange some relevant themes of feminism dissertation topics for your inspiration.

Gender disparity in South Asia.

Aims and Objective:

This dissertation on Feminism aims to address the causes of gender disparity in South Asia. The gender disparity in India and Pakistan doesn’t exist only because of poverty; there is more to it, especially cultural phenomena. Gender discrimination consequently brutally affects the girls in the education and health dept specifically. In addition, this research will also reveal the facts that make it evident that the gender disparity in the mentioned region is more than in any other area of the world.

Role of Media in the escalation of Feminism.

Aims and Objective:

This research focuses on how Feminism and media interweave with one another and the effect the movement had and continues to have on mainstream media. The media industry’s news of sexual assault allegations proves that the two seem to go hand-in-hand. Feminism has gone through different waves since the early modern era revolution; each wave was the other. By looking at the headlines of newspapers and the number of readers, certain feminist books receive, this research will try to determine how the media perceived each wave in their respective period. It will prove that the press has a role in social change and positively impacts society.

The advancement of Feminism in English Literature at the beginning of the modern era.

Aims and Objective:

This research will be concerned with the development of Feminism throughout the 19th and 20th centuries in English literature and will briefly discuss how Feminism is perceived. Feminism is a broad phenomenon, and it is still a topic to be addressed. The early modern era was a defining moment in British history. It will also examine the evidence that the suffragette movement sparked the modern-day revolution of gender equality and that Feminism as a movement has evolved tremendously over the ages. Nonetheless, the word feminism may still conjure negative connotations for certain people.

In contemporary society, the impact of Feminism on education.

Aims and Objective:

This feminism topic research aims to provide an insider’s interpretation of early period feminism and will use analysis to draw attention to changes in the agendas of today’s world. This research will contribute to a broader reflection on the theoretical and practical contributions of Feminism to education. The essay first covers the significant quick expansion and influence of feminist work in education and some of the demographic and economic factors that enabled this. Second, it examines the concentration of feminist work over the period and highlights significant interest shifts between history and now. Using several references from feminism thesis topics, it will address the contributions and limits of Feminism to curriculum and education as a system of study and activity and interest in subjectivity within schooling.

Third world women and the politics of Feminism.

Aims and Objective:

This research is about the struggles of third-world women. The third world is about colonization, decolonization, and neo-colonization; this feminist research paper aims to discover the differences women face in western countries based on such taglines. In recent decades, multinational Feminism has surpassed third world feminism as the typical feminist perspective on third world women, and dismissing nation-states and nationalism as unimportant to Feminism has become trendy. In contrast to the present tendency, this article argues for the acceptance of third world feminism as nation-states and national Feminism.

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Method of preparing the list of feminism research topics

The best research topics about Feminism for your dissertation are created with dedication, and we make sure to choose the best topics for your impeccable research writing. Below are the steps we consider to list down the most comprehensive thesis topics:

  • Keen research:

    We keenly research topics and look for the references we can get on the subject. As for the research topics on Feminism in literature, we looked for the references and shreds of evidence that would confirm the aim of the research paper.

  • Quirky ideas:

    Research gives us the leverage to look for unique and easy ideas to work on. We list out the topics which can make your dissertation worthy of good grades. Using the same pattern, we made a list of feminism thesis topics.

  • Scope of each topic:

    We find and write the scope of each topic for the client’s satisfaction. We dig out all information sources to create a range of each topic, making your dissertation rich in references and authenticity.

  • Finalization:

    After ensuring that selected topics are well researched and have a substantial scope, we list all topics.

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    What difficulties do students face while looking for ideas for feminist research topics?

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