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    The Impact of Early Sports Education on Preventing Obesity in British Schools

    Aim: The research aims to investigate the role of early sports education in preventing obesity among students in British schools.


    • To analyse the relationship between participation in sports education and obesity rates among young students.
    • To evaluate the effectiveness of sports education programs in promoting physical health and fitness in children.
    • To identify the best practices in sports education that contribute to long-term obesity prevention.

    The Economic Impact of Cricket on UK: Contributions to Economic Growth and Human Development

    Aim: The research aims to explore the role of cricket in driving economic growth and human development in India.


    • To evaluate the economic contributions of cricket to India’s GDP and employment rates.
    • To analyse the social and developmental benefits of cricket in terms of education, health, and community engagement.
    • To identify the key challenges and opportunities in leveraging cricket for sustainable economic growth.

    The Influence of Sports Psychology and Coaching on Athlete Personality Development: An Exploratory Study

    Aim: the research aims to analyse the relation between personality development of athletes and sports psychology


    • To examine the advantages and limitations of sports psychology interventions in athletes.
    • To compare the impact of various forms of coaching on the character and the psychological well-being of the players.
    • To assess the impact of sports psychology and coaching on the lives of athletes in the long-run.

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    Sports Diplomacy and Foreign Policy: The Role of Sports in North and South Korea Relations

    Aim: The study seeks to analyse the use of sports diplomacy in the formation of foreign policy between North and South Korea.


    • To evaluate cases in which sports diplomacy impacted the relations between North and South Korea.
    • To evaluate how effective sports events and exchanges are in easing political tensions between the two countries.
    • To discuss possible future scenarios for the application of sports diplomacy to promote peace and cooperation in the Korean Peninsula.

    The Role of Sports Medicine in Enhancing Athletic Performance: Balancing Necessity and Commercialisation

    Aim: The study aims to analyse the effects of sports medicine in performance of athletes


    • To assess the role of sports medicine in performance of athletes and facilitating their healing.
    • To assess the issues and business implications in the use of sports medicine.
    • To evaluate the effectiveness of sports medicine in the improvement of the health status of athletes.

    The Intersection of Sports, Exercise, and Biomedical Research

    Aim: The research aims to analyse the relation with sports exercise and biomedical research


    • To analyse the effects of physical activities on biochemical changes in body
    • To evaluate the effects of sports and exercise on preventing chronic diseases
    • To evaluate the consequences of sports and exercise on public health policies

    A Comparative Study of Indoor and Outdoor Games: Health, Social, and Psychological Perspectives

    Aim: The research aims to compare the effects of indoor and outdoor games


    • To evaluate the physical health benefits of playing indoor and outdoor games.
    • To evaluate the possibilities of teamwork in two types of games
    • To evaluate the effects of two types of games on the stress level

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      Cricket as a sport or building Strong Bonds Between Nations

      Aim: The research aims to analyse the role of sports in enhancing international relations and diplomacy.


      • To evaluate modern instances of the role of cricket in promoting cooperation between nations.
      • To analyse the contribution of the sport of cricket in intercultural communication and appreciation of cultural differences.
      • To analyse the effect of international cricket events events on diplomacy and conflict management.

      The Negative Impact of Social Media on Sports: An Analytical Study

      Aim: The study seeks to establish the social media’s detrimental effects on the sports sector and athletes.


      • To understand the different ways through which social media can have a negative impact on athletes’ psychological well-being and productivity.
      • To examine the extent of the effects of social media on the credibility of sports organisations.
      • To assess the potential problems of social media in promoting or undermining the aspect of sportsmanship and ethical standards in sports.

      The Synergy Between Sports and Nutrition: Enhancing Athletic Performance and Health

      Aim: The study seeks to examine the synergistic relationship between sports and nutrition in improving performance and health.


      • To critically evaluate the importance of nutrition as a factor in enhancing performance and recuperation among athletes.
      • To evaluate the macronutrient requirements and nutrition plans for athletes in various forms of sports.
      • To assess the effectiveness of the recommended dietary plan and the effects of performing regular sports activities on one’s health in the long run.


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