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    Explore the effect of Cognitive Resilience in Ageing Adults

    Aim: Understand the mechanisms of cognitive resiliency—how mental functions are sustained in aging individuals despite age-dependent decline.


    • To establish specific lifestyle factors and mental exercises which will reveal a pattern of associations with preserved cognitive agility in old persons.
    • To investigate the impact of using digital technology to improve cognitive resilience in an aging population.
    • To investigate the difference in the cognitive resiliency index between a group that leads a socially active life and the one that does not.

    The impact of digital media on attention span

    Aim: To establish the way long-term use of digital media affects developing learners at a very crucial development stage concerning attention span.


    • To measure the difference in performance on attention-related tasks before and after applying digital detox interventions.
    • To compare the impact of various kinds of digital media on the attention capacity of growing students.
    • To determine the effectiveness of training interventions designed to reduce digital distractibility.

    Role of Neurocognitive Correlates of the Competencies to Learn Language

    Aim: Identify the neural and cognitive indices responsive to retraining in potential new language learning.


    • To identify brain regions activated during language learning tasks with the help of neuroimaging.
    • To examine the cognitive implications of learning multiple languages at different stages of life.
    • To explore the connection between multilingualism and problem-solving abilities.

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    The Processes of Decision-Making in High-Stress Environments

    Aim: High stress is known to alter cognitive functions and decision-making processes. How does a high-stress environment change this, and what cognitive biases are exhibited?


    • To collect experimental evidence in laboratory-controlled environments to model high-stress settings and estimate the objective value of decisions.
    • To identify personality traits that allow better performance in decision-making under stress
    • To identify mechanisms of chronic changes in functioning for changes in the performance of decision-making under stress.

    Nutrition-Mediated Cognitive Development in Infants and Children

    Aim: To determine the effect of the most essential nutrients on cognitive functions from early childhood.


    • To investigate diversity in cognitive activities of different nutrient groups and during different periods.
    • To determine the impact of intermittent fasting on the cognitive functions of the adolescent.
    • To establish if there is an improvement and additive benefits in probiotics to children’s cognitive functions.

    Promoting Virtual Learning Memory Formation and Recall

    Aim: To investigate how virtual learning environments (IV) influenced both the process of memory formation and retrieval when compared to traditional learning settings.


    • To conduct tests for exploring how well students are remembering by quizzing them after learning in two conditions.
    • To analyse the effect of augmented reality tools on memory retention.
    • To determine whether synchronous vs. asynchronous virtual learning has different effects on memory processes.

    Cognitive Effects of Bilingualism throughout Life

    Aim :To explore the influence of bilingualism on cognitive functions at different stages of life.


    • To study differences in the rate of cognitive decline between monolingual and bilingual older people.
    • To study the impact of bilingual (compared to monolingual) early education on cognitive health in midlife and older age.
    • To investigate whether the cognitive benefits brought on by bilingualism help in conflict resolution compared to monolinguals and unilingual comprehension.

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      The Emotions and Sleep Interdependence

      Aim: To investigate the relationship between well-known sleep profiles and emotion regulation.


      • To determine if adult responses to emotional stress are affected by short sleep duration or long sleep duration.
      • To evaluate the influences of sleep quality on modulations between emotion and decision making.
      • To examine the association of sleep issues with emotional resilience and coping mechanisms.

      Exploring the impact of Synesthetic Goggle Reality Gap

      Aim: To assess the perceptual experiences, cognitive profiles, and advantages of synesthetes.


      • To discover the genetic and environmental roots of synesthesia.
      • To explore how synesthesia is expressed through artistic talent and aesthetic feelings.

      Why would mindfulness eliminate cognitive distortions?

      Aim: The study will aim to investigate the impacts of mindfulness intervention on cognitive error and clarity of mind.


      • To evaluate the impact of a psychological intervention on biases in cognition and judgment error rate (i.e., contrast, comparison & similarity judgment tasks) between an intervention group and a control non-intervention group, pre-and post-intervention.
      • To investigate the effect of mindfulness in reducing stress and enhancing cognition.
      • To assess the effect of mindfulness on situational awareness and decision-making under stress.


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