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    The impact of involvement of parents on academic achievement in their primary education

    Aim: This study aims to understand the correlation between parental involvements with academic performance of students from primary school. This will also explore how multiple methods of parental engagement for eg; monitoring their homework, influence the scholastic outcomes of children during their early years of education attending school programs and also providing educational support


    • The objective of this study is to assess the nature of parental involvement in their student’s education which helps in student’s academic progress
    • This study will also objects to measure academic outcomes in relation to various levels and types of parental engagement.

    The influence of Coeducation system in their learning progress

    Aim: This study aim is to examine the effects of Coeducation environments on the academic growth of primary section students with social connections and an overall learning results. It will also include how the coeducation system can mould student’s perceptions, behaviours, and attitude in educational settings.


    • This study objects to evaluate the academic performances of learners in a mixed environment in comparison to single gender environments evaluating the influence of peer interactions and gender framework on learning outcomes.

    Understanding the perspective of parents about the teaching methods in primary classes.

    Aim: This study aims to understand the perception of the parents on effectiveness, relevance and appropriateness of different pedagogical approaches applied in primary education system. It also aims to explore parental behaviour towards traditional teaching methods versus more modern, teaching methods.


    • The main objectives of the study is to involve collecting qualitative and quantitative data with the help of surveys and interviews to gather a comprehensive understanding related to the point of view of the parents related to different teaching methods.

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    To punish or not to punish? A structured approach in finding out whether punishing primary class students is justified.

    Aim: This study aims on whether is it justified to punish student of primary class or not, this study will provide a structured framework in order to evaluate disciplinary actions in educational settings. This study will also investigate the effectiveness of punishment as a means of behaviour management.


    • The objectives of the study includes examining multiple disciplinary approaches which involves punishment to understand its impacts on the behaviour of student’s student in relation to classroom dynamics.

    Dealing with students from a psychologically broken family.

    Aim: The aims of this study is to provide a holistic support in order to help minimize the impact of family challenges on their academic growth, emotional, and social well-being. This will create a harmless and nurturing environment which fosters self-esteem.


    • The objectives of this topic comprises of the implementation of personalized interventions and support systems which helps in addressing the specific requirements and challenges tackled by students belongs to a psychologically broken families.

    The role of educators in diminishing bullying in primary classes.

    Aim: The aims involve understanding how teachers can effectively get involve to create friendly and supportive learning surrounding where bullying is reduced and increase respect in a teaching environment.


    • The objectives of this study involves identifying different roles and responsibilities of a teacher of primary class who can address and prevent bullying incidents while objecting towards its impacts on the students.

    Identifying the parent’s anxieties in sending their children to pre-school. A literature review study.

    Aim: The aim of this study is to examine the current research literature to gain valuable insights into the different concerns and anxieties of parents concerning with sending their children to preschool, this will also explore the key factors which contributes to parental stress.


    • The objectives of this study is to analyse the data and findings from relevant articles and literature in order to identify themes and outlines in parental anxieties related to their children enrolment in preschool environment.

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      Analysing the indirect impact of management on the academic performance of students.

      Aim: This study aims to analyse an indirect impact of the management on the performance of academics of pre-primary students as it involves exploring the organizational and administrative elements which have an influence on student learning outcomes.


      • The main objective of this study is exploring the correlation between measures and performance indicators management practices for eg; grades and attendance. This will also help identifying areas which needs improvement in student learning experiences and outcomes.

      The role of educators of primary classes in creating a baseline mentality of their students.

      Aim: This study aims in creating a baseline of the mentality of the primary class students in order to understand how primary class teachers shape foundational mental behaviours of young learners. This study will also aims to examine the approaches and strategies to cultivate cognitive skills, emotional stability and critical thinking capabilities in primary school students.


      • The objectives of the study involve exploring the pedagogical approaches applied by primary teachers to foster an optimistic and adaptable mind-set in leaners. This also objects to assess the future impact of primary educational experiences on students.

      The role of a teacher is building relationships with the parents of primary class students.

      Aim: The aim of this study focuses in building relationship of parents with primary class students which helps to enhance communications between home and schooling environment that helps fostering a supportive and interactive educational environment.


      • The objectives involve establishing efficient channels which helps to facilitate regular updates, reviews exchanges also progress discussions between teachers and parents.
      • It also objects to organize parent teacher meetings and events that encourage mutual understanding and shared responsibility in fostering the academic growth of primary class students.


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