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    Investigating the Impact of Remote Work on Employee Productivity during COVID-19

    Aim: This study aim to examine how remote work influenced employee productivity during the COVID-19 pandemic.


    • To investigate the productivity levels before and after the implementation of remote work.
    • To assess the role of remote work policies in maintaining or improving productivity.
    • To explore the challenges employees faced while working remotely.
    • To evaluate employer strategies to enhance productivity during remote work.

    Optismising the Effects of Gender Equality Policies on Workplace Diversity

    Aim: The following study aim to evaluate the impact of gender equality policies on workplace diversity.


    • To analyze the implementation of gender equality policies across various industries.
    • To measure the change in gender representation before and after policy implementation.
    • To assess the effectiveness of specific gender equality initiatives.

    To examine employee perceptions of workplace diversity following policy changes

    Investigating the Impact of Employee Training Programs on Job Satisfaction

    Aim: This study mainly aim to assess the relationship between employee training programs and job satisfaction.


    • To find out various training programs that are provided to the employees by the employers.
    • To assess job satisfaction before and after attendance in the training programs.
    • To identify the competencies acquired from instructional undertakings.
    • To establish the long-term effect of training on career advancement and the resulting job satisfaction.

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    Examining the Impact of Flexible Working Hours on Employee Work-Life Balance

    Aim: The study aim to examining the impact of flexible working hours on employee work-life balance.


    • To investigate employee satisfaction with flexible working hours.
    • To compare work-life balance before and after the introduction of flexible hours.
    • To analyze productivity changes associated with flexible working hours.
    • To assess the overall wellbeing of employees with flexible working arrangements.

    Analysing Legal Protections for Gig Economy Workers and Their Employment Rights

    Aim: The following study aim to analyse the legal protections for gig economy workers and their employment rights


    • To analyse the current legislation affecting gig economy workers.
    • To assess the awareness and understanding of these protections among workers.
    • To examine the case studies of gig workers’ legal disputes.
    • To evaluate the effectiveness of existing laws in safeguarding employment rights.

    The Role of Trade Unions in Enhancing Workplace Safety Standards

    Aim: The aim of this study is to determine how trade unions can help to improve the standards of working conditions.


    • To assess the involvement of trade unions in shaping safety policies.
    • To compare safety standards in unionized vs. non-unionized workplaces.
    • To evaluate the impact of union-led safety training programs.
    • To offer advice to the policy maker for the improvement of the workplace safety standards.

    Investigating the Effects of Anti-Discrimination Laws on Hiring Practices

    Aim: The subject of the research focuses on analyzing the impact of anti-discrimination laws as a policy on employment decisions.


    • To review the evolution of anti-discrimination legislation.
    • To investigate changes in hiring practices following new legislation.
    • To analyze diversity in the workforce pre- and post-legislation.

    To evaluate employer compliance with anti-discrimination laws

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      Optimising the Consequences of Workplace Bullying on Employee Mental Health

      Aim: The goal of this study is to achieve the maximisation of the impact of workplace bullying on employee well-being.


      • To identify the prevalence of workplace bullying in various sectors.
      • To evaluate employer interventions to address bullying.
      • To assess the long-term effects of workplace bullying on employee retention.
      • To provide recommendation for the future workers to use the strategic framework to enhance the results of workplace.

      Evaluating the Impact of Minimum Wage Increases on Small Business Employment

      Aim: The study aim at comparing how the enhancement of minimum wages affect the employment of small business organisations.


      • To analyze employment trends before and after minimum wage increases.
      • To investigate the financial impact on small businesses.
      • To evaluate changes in employee turnover and hiring practices.

      Analysing the Effectiveness of Whistleblowing Policies in Preventing Corporate Fraud

      Aim: This study focuses on the idea of examining the efficiency of whistleblowing policies in tackling corporate fraud.


      • To identify the weaknesses of the existing whistleblowing policies from different organizations.
      • To determine the level of fraud occurrence prior to the policy and after it was adopted.
      • To analyze the measures concerning support and protection of whistleblowers.
      • To evaluate the effectiveness of whistleblowing policies towards corporate ethical standards across organizations.


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