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    The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Brand Loyalty

    Aim: To examine the effect of CSR on consumer loyalty towards brands; analysing the factors that define this correlation.


    • To measure consumers’ awareness and perception of CSR activities.
    • To determine how the implementation of CSR programs affects consumers’ confidence and their commitment to a particular brand.
    • To give suggestions about how the companies can improve the level of brand loyalty through the effective implementation of CSR.

    Strategies for Enhancing Customer Experience in the Retail Industry

    Aim: For the purpose of this study to identify key factors that would help in improving the satisfaction and loyalty of customers towards the retail industry.


    • To understand what elements can contribute to creating a positive shopping encounter in the retail setting.
    • To assess the impact of the different strategies aimed at improving customer experience.
    • To suggest solutions to the retail stores that would enhance consumer satisfaction and retention.

    The Role of Digital Marketing in Consumer Behavior

    Aim: In order to determine the impact of digital marketing on consumers, the present study seeks to define the role of digital marketing for consumers and the principal approaches used in digital marketing.


    • To assess the various forms of digital marketing communication and their effects on the consumers.
    • To measure the level of audience interaction with digital marketing initiatives.
    • To provide a strategic approach for effective marketing through the use of the internet to shape consumer buying behaviours.

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    Risk Management Strategies in Financial Institutions

    Aim: To identify the various methods used by financial institutions to manage risks, and therefore evaluate the efficiency of managing financial risks.


    • To assess the primary forms of financial risk that institutions endure.
    • To compare different strategies of risk management and identify the most efficient ones.
    • To make recommendations that can help enhance the current risk management approaches in place in the financial institutions.

    Sustainable Business Practices and Their Impact on Financial Performance

    Aim: To determine how sustainable business practices affect the financial output of organisations, which aspects of sustainability are advantageous and disadvantageous.


    • To evaluate the extent of sustainability integration into different business sectors.
    • To investigate the relationship between sustainability and the financial performance of the firm.
    • To offer proposals to companies in order to improve their financial performance with the help of sustainable measures.

    Leadership Styles and Their Effect on Employee Motivation

    Aim: In order to analyse the leadership styles’ influence on motivation, understanding which of them can be most beneficial for increasing employees’ engagement and work results.


    • To classify the various leadership types and the features they possess.
    • To compare the effectiveness of the different leadership styles adopted in the organisation to enhance employee motivation and performance.
    • To provide an insight into the best leadership practices to use when dealing with employees in order to ensure that they are motivated and engaged.

    Global Supply Chain Management: Challenges and Solutions

    Aim: To look into some of the issues that arise when it comes to supply chain management at the international level and also to analyse the measures that can be taken to improve the supply chain in order to make it more efficient and sustainable.


    • To study details of major issues related to the global supply chain management.
    • To discuss best practices and approaches to global supply chain management.
    • To provide a set of concrete recommendations on how to address the supply chain issues and increase supply chain performance.

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      The Impact of Big Data Analytics on Business Decision-Making

      Aim: To determine the extent of the use of big data in business decision making, how it has affected performance and how it may be useful in strategic management.


      • To determine the primary areas that big data analytics can be beneficial to organisations.
      • To assess the advantages and disadvantages of big data in managerial decisions.
      • To make recommendations on how big data analysis can be utilised to improve business outcomes.

      The Influence of Social Media on Brand Equity

      Aim: To explore the effects of the social media on brand equity, examining how the social media interactions and plans affect brand image and value.


      • In order to evaluate the impact of social media on the building of brand image.
      • In order to evaluate how consumers interact with brands on SNSs.
      • To give recommendations on how to use social media as a tool in increasing brand equity.

      Corporate Governance and Its Impact on Financial Performance

      Aim: To conduct the research on how corporate governance affects the performance of organisations and to determine governance indicators that influence strong financial results.


      • To identify the correlation between corporate governance and financial performance within various sectors.
      • To examine the extent to which various corporate governance practices can improve financial performance.
      • To make recommendations on changes that could be made to the structure of corporate governance to enhance financial performance.


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