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    The Psychological Effect of Virtual Reality is of a Cognitive Nature

    Aim: A study regarding the effect of the virtual reality immersive environment on the cognitive development of child and adolescent learners, with particular emphasis on spatialization, high critical thinking levels, and adaptation of learning.


    • To determine the dynamics of retention of problem-solving skills and memory about daily use of VR.
    • Reveal parents’ and educators’ opinions when it comes to the pros and cons of the utilization of virtual reality in the learning environment.

    Mindfulness Intervention in Stress Reduction at Work

    Aim: Investigation regarding the effectiveness of mindfulness meditation programs in reducing the stress to the organization’s employees.


    • To show that what brings the changes in the human process of evolution and career advancement are the long-term advantages derived from more mindfulness practice.
    • To find out the differences in the level of job satisfaction and stress before and after receiving a structured mindfulness intervention.

    Impact of Lifestyle factors may contribute to neuroplasticity and cognitive reserve in the elderly.

    Aim: Neuroplasticity in the Aging Brain: Lifestyle Factors and the Cognitive Reserve.

    Objectives :

    • To identify specific activities and behaviors that may help in the process of cognitive flexibility and memory enhancement in older people.
    • To determine activity of a social nature is one of the enhancers of neuroplasticity among old populations.

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    The Role of Social Media in Moderating the Relationship Between Negative and Positive Self-Responses and Body Image in Adolescents

    Aim: To determine the relationship that can be developed through social media in consumption and experiencing body image issues among the youth.

    Objectives :

    • Determining the correlation between the amount of time spent on social media and the levels of self-esteem among adolescents.
    • Find those interventions that, in their proper measures and application, can create mitigative influences of social media on the body image and self-esteem of young adolescents.

    Exploring the effect of Personality Traits’ Role in Anticipation of Academic Achievement

    Aim: To test the capability of specific personality dimensions to predict academic performance on the part of students in college.


    • To explore the relationship between traits such as conscientiousness and openness and academic level in students.
    • How does the selection of a career path and professional success after graduation depend on these personal traits that you have chosen?

    The role of educators in diminishing bullying in primary classes.

    Aim: The aims involve understanding how teachers can effectively get involve to create friendly and supportive learning surrounding where bullying is reduced and increase respect in a teaching environment.


    • The objectives of this study involves identifying different roles and responsibilities of a teacher of primary class who can address and prevent bullying incidents while objecting towards its impacts on the students.

    Sleep restriction is mostly the time when full decision-making ability is compromised hence risky behaviors escalate; a person usually can take more risk when they get less sleep.

    Aim: To test the effect of sleep restriction on decision-making and impulsivity in adults.


    • Changes in decision-making and impulsivity under sleep restriction.
    • To investigate whether the cognitive deficits of sleep deprivation are mediable by such moderator variables as napping or sleep intervention.

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      Cultural Contributions to the Expression and Treatment of Depression:

      Aim: A study to research just how a client’s cultural background can influence the expression of depression and treatment with various populations.

      Objectives :

      • To compare and contrast the pattern of the prevalence and nature of depressive symptoms across culturally diverse subgroups
      • To compare and contrast the efficacy of culturally adapted therapeutic interventions in treating depression across three ethnic populations.

      The performance of art therapies can be used as an effective tool to work with clients in recovery.

      Aims: The changes in emotional well-being and biologically manifested changes in trauma symptomatology are to be documented as a result of attending art therapy sessions.


      • To explore the alteration in the neurological patterns as a result of the art therapy described in the current research.

      Childhood Bullying and Adult Mental Health

      Aim: To research to establish the long-term psychological effect of childhood bullying in later adult life.


      • To investigate the rates of anxiety and depression, and other forms of mental disorder, in people who have been bullied as kids.
      • To develop and test strategies of intervention that can keep the long-term psychological impact of childhood bullying at a minimum.


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