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    The Impact of Remote Work on Employee Productivity and Job Satisfaction

    Aim: The research aim is to examine how remote working impacts the work productivity and job satisfaction of employees, as well as determine the factors which impact work productivity and job satisfaction in the context of remote working.


    • To compare the level of productivity in employees working from home with those employees working from an office environment.
    • To assess the job satisfaction level of remote employees and find out the factors that affect them.
    • To understand all the advantages and disadvantages of remote work both for the employee and the employer.

    Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: Challenges and Best Practices

    Aim: The purpose of this paper is to review the issues related to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and review the strategies that are likely to foster successful implementation of diversity and inclusion policies.


    • Todiscover what are the most prominent issues that organisations experience while adopting diversity and inclusion policies.
    • To understand how diversity and inclusion affects both the employees and the overall performance of the organisation.
    • To make recommendations on what measures should be adopted to promote workplace diversity.

    The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Modern HR Practices

    Aim: To understand the impact of AI on HR strategies and to analyse the opportunities and the risks of AI implementation in the HR sphere.


    • To know about the major areas of HRM which is adopting AI.
    • To determine the effectiveness of AI in increasing the efficiency of HR and improving decision-making.
    • To analyse the ethical and pragmatic implications of AI in the contemporary HR practices.

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    Talent Management Strategies in the Tech Industry

    Aim: To examine what talent management practices are currently being adopted in the field of technology and to what extent these practices are successful.


    • To determine the best practices that the tech industry uses in talent management.
    • To measure the effectiveness of such strategies in relation to staff turnover and productivity.
    • To give the guidelines for enhancing talent management in the IT sector.

    Exploring the Relationship Between Employee Motivation and Performance

    Aim: Employee Motivation and Performance study aims at finding out the correlation between motivation and performance among employees, general factors of motivation and their effect on performance.


    • To identify various motivational strategies applied at workplace.
    • Thus, the purpose of the study is to determine the relationship between the degree of employees’ motivation and performance results.
    • In this context, the following research questions will guide this study: To recommend motivational theories to support enhanced employee productivity.

    The Impact of Leadership Styles on Employee Job Satisfaction

    Aim: In order to better understand the correlation between various leadership styles and the employees’ job satisfaction, determining which leadership styles are most beneficial in creating a positive organisational climate.


    • To categorise different types of leadership and the properties they have.
    • The third objective of the study is to establish the correlation between the different leadership styles and the level of job satisfaction among the employees.
    • To recommend strategies to leaders to enhance employees’ job satisfaction.

    The Role of HR in Crisis Management and Business Continuity

    Aim: To review how human resource plays the part in crisis management and business continuity focusing on the strategies and practices that increase organisational resilience.


    • To determine the significance of HR in managing crisis situations.
    • To evaluate the utility of HR strategies in ensuring business sustainment in crisis periods.
    • To provide recommendations for the best practice that the Human Resources department can implement to enhance organisational resilience.

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      Employee Turnover: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions

      Aim: With the aim of determining the factors that lead to employee turnover, and the implications of turnover for organisations and their practical ways of minimising turnover in organisations.


      • To determine the major factors of attrition in different industry sectors.
      • To assess the effects of high turnover on an organisation’s performance.
      • To draw measures that should be taken to increase employees’ retention rates and decrease their turnover.

      Performance Appraisal Methods and Their Effectiveness in Different Industries

      Aim: For assessing various performance appraisal techniques in different industries and for pinpointing the best practices of performance assessment.


      • To make a cross sectional analysis of various performance appraisal techniques prevalent in different sectors.
      • To understand efficient these methods are in providing an objective evaluation of the employee performance.
      • With regard to the industry-specific aspects of performance appraisal processes, to provide recommendations for enhancing the processes.

      The Influence of Organisational Culture on Employee Engagement

      Aim: In order to understand how organisational culture affects employee engagement, it is crucial to determine what aspects of organisational culture are most influential in raising or lowering engagement levels.


      • To identify some of the organisational culture factors that determine the level of engagement of the employees.
      • To investigate how organisation culture influences the engagement level of employees.
      • To give advice on how to build an environment that foster engagement of workers.


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