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    Impact of digital transformation in digital business models in Retail Industry of UK.

    Aim and objectives

    The aim of this research is to analyse the impact of digital transformation in the digital business models in the retail industry of the UK. The objectives are:

    • To highlight the critical digital transformation elements impacting retail businesses in UK.
    • To analyze case studies of retail companies that have successfully shifted to digital business models in UK.
    • To evaluate the long-term sustainability of digital business models against traditional business models in the retail sector in UK

    An Analysis of the Role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Enhancing Brand Reputation and Customer Loyalty in the Fashion Industry.

    Aim and objectives

    The aim of this research is to analyze critically the impact of CSR activities ingrained within the brand strategies on brand reputation and consumer loyalty in the fashion industry. The objectives are:

    • To describe specific CSR activities that are currently utilized by the leading fashion brands, with a particular emphasis on environmental sustainability, ethical working practices, and community involvement.
    • To conduct a quantitative analysis to determine the level of consumer perception regarding CSR activities and the degree to which they are influencing consumer purchase decisions, utilizing survey data as well as consumer response.
    • To evaluate the effectiveness of CSR techniques in enhancing brand reputation by using indicators such as brand loyalty, repeat purchases, and positive brand mentions on social media.
    • To analyze any associations between CSR activities and their impact on improving customer retention rates.

    The effect of globalisation on strategic management in emerging markets

    Aim and objectives

    The aim of this research is to analyze critically the effect of globalization on strategic management processes in emerging economies. The objectives are:

    • To identify critical strategic challenges against the firms operating in globalizing emerging economies.
    • To critically evaluate the strategies that the firms are adopting in response to the changing competitive scenario appeared in the wake of the forces of globalization.
    • To assess the prospects of these strategies in terms of augmenting competitive advantages.

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    Impact of Autonomous Vehicle Technology on Strategic Competitiveness in the Global Automotive Industry

    Aim and objectives

    The aim of the research is to examine how the embracement of autonomous vehicle technology is affecting strategic competitiveness in the global automotive industry. the objectives are:

    • To discuss recent developments in autonomous vehicle technology, including advances in artificial intelligence, sensor technology, and software algorithms.
    • To analyse the strategic responses by leading global automotive producers to the advancement of autonomous technology. This will include their relationships with technology companies, investments in startup organizations, and changes in product development strategies.
    • To assess the possible long-term impact of autonomous vehicle technology on the competitive environment of the automotive industry. This will examine changes in market share, new business concepts (such as mobility-as-a-service), and the possible breakdown of the traditional automotive value chain.

    Strategic Innovation Management in UK Financial Services: The Role of Fintech

    Aim and objectives

    The aim of this research is to explore the role of fintech in driving strategic innovation within the UK financial services industry. the objectives are:

    • To explore the extent of fintech adoption in UK financial services and its impact on traditional banking models.
    • To investigate the strategic responses of incumbent financial institutions to the rise of fintech companies.
    • To identify key factors influencing successful integration of fintech innovations into the strategic management practices of UK financial firms.

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a Strategic Tool in Enhancing Brand Loyalty: A Study of UK Retail Industry

    Aim and objectives

    The aim is to examine how CSR initiatives influence brand loyalty in the UK retail sector and outline the strategic advantages for businesses.

    • To analyze consumer perceptions of CSR activities by leading UK retail brands.
    • To investigate the association between CSR initiatives and brand loyalty among UK retail customers.
    • To provide strategic recommendations for UK retail companies to leverage CSR for enhancing customer loyalty and gaining a competitive edge.

    Influence of Strategic Leadership on Innovation in UK Tech Startups

    Aim and objectives

    The aim is to study how strategic leadership impacts innovation in tech startups in the UK. The objectives are:

    • To investigate the leadership styles prevalent in UK tech startups and how these lead to differences in nurturing an innovative organizational culture.
    • To evaluate the impact of strategic leadership practices on the innovation performance of tech startups.
    • To derive pioneering leadership practices that drive innovation and provide strategic guidance for tech startup leaders in the UK to achieve better innovative outcomes.

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      Impact of Digital Transformation on Competitive Strategy in the Retail Banking Sector.

      Aims and objectives.

      The aim of this research is to analyse the impact of digital transformation on competitive strategy in the banking sector. The objectives are:

      • To examine how the approaches to retail banking competition are affected by digitalisation, with reference to the shifts in the service provision, customer interactions, and products.
      • To analyse the nature of market disruptions and digital challenges are unique and unprecedented, one cannot overestimate the value of emerging technologies in defining the strategic actions of retail banks.
      • To examine the consequences of digital business strategies for the market share and customer engagement, and present related findings on how banks have fared better or worse in digital transformation.

      Corporate strategy and Sustainability: Analysing the integration of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in Multinational Corporations

      Aims and Objectives

      The aim of this research is to examine the corporate strategy and sustainability by analysing the integration of ESG factors in multinational corporations.

      • To examine how the multinational corporation’s factor in the ESG aspects into their business management plans and the impacts created by those considerations.
      • To conduct research on the overall effectiveness of ESG-focused strategies for financial return and investors, with a focus on industries that have significant environmental influence.
      • To examine the difficulties and hurdles encountered by corporations in understanding and practicing ESG initiatives such as stakeholder opposition, legal frameworks, and market factors.

      Leveraging business intelligence for strategic advantage in the Fast Fashion Industry

      Aims and objectives

      The aim of this research is to analyse business intelligence for strategic advantage in the fast fashion industry. the objectives are:

      • To discuss what fast fashion companies use business intelligence to do and identify the key strategic issues that they address about stock control, supply chain, and collaboration with consumers.
      • To examine how present tactical dynamics, including response to changes, trends, and disturbance of the supply chain, are affected by real-time data analytics in fast fashion with regards to strategic planning flexibility.
      • To evaluate the competitive advantages gained through the strategic use of business intelligence.


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