Prize-Winning Thesis and Dissertation Examples

Have you ever thought that your academic writing projects are like Taylor Swift’s songs? I knew you were trouble when you walked in is what goes through students’ minds when dissertation or thesis projects are assigned to them but they will have to shake it off sooner or later. The thing is that you cannot just get it out of your head rather you have to do it so effectively that you will be able to score good grades. There are many Dissertation examples available on the internet but you need to learn the guidelines first in order to do justice to your projects.

Dissertation and thesis writing are two of the most important academic projects that not only broaden the understanding of the students but also contribute to the final grades.  There are multiple factors that determine the grades of writing projects; you might not be able to comprehend those factors from Examples of masters dissertation or theses which is why you are gonna need a brief of writing a dissertation and thesis. This post is intended to clear all your doubts regarding dissertation and thesis writing projects with the help of prize-winning examples.

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Comparison between thesis and dissertation:

It is finally time to end this debate about whether or not a thesis and a dissertation are the same things. Well! The answer to this is that they are two different kinds of academic projects. Once you will understand the comparison between the two then you will be able to spot the differences even while reading the Dissertation examples or thesis samples.

  • Dissertation vs. Thesis- definition:

    A dissertation is an extensive piece of academic project that is assigned to doctoral students to either write original research or expanded research on any new idea/topic. You get to choose what you want to explore when it comes to dissertation writing. On the other hand; a thesis is a piece of writing that is assigned to master-level of students and students are allowed to conduct research on a topic within their area of study or given topic.

    However; in Europe, it is the other way around as a thesis is assigned to doctorate students and a dissertation to master’s students. So, when you see master’s dissertation examples then it is according to Europe’s educational standards.

  • Dissertation vs. Thesis- key difference:

    The key difference between a dissertation and a thesis is that a dissertation needs to be conducted by the student in his own right from the research to the analysis while a thesis is based on the existing research work.

  • Dissertation vs. Thesis- length:

    Even though; both projects seem to be quite extensive but dissertation is even lengthier. A thesis might vary up to 100 pages while a dissertation is at least two to three times longer than a thesis.

  • Dissertation vs. Thesis- oral presentation:

    There are times when faculty requires the students to present their projects orally. In such cases; a thesis can be presented within one hour along with questions and answers while it takes two to three hours to orally present a dissertation.

    Besides these; there are quite many similarities between the two as well varying from the same writing steps to the same writing requirements.

Basics of writing a dissertation and thesis:

Why that students are unable to point out the difference between MSc dissertation examples and thesis examples? It is because the basic steps required for writing these projects are almost similar.  These steps are as follows:

  • Understanding the topic:

    If you have to select the topic then you can either take help from online sites in the form of google scholar research topics or in any discipline. However; if you want to pick a topic all by yourself then consider the following points while at it;

    • Pick a topic of interest within your area of study.
    • Choose a topic that is clear and precise.
    • Select a topic that is stating the idea of the dissertation/thesis vividly.
    • A topic must have enough scope for a student to carry out extensive research that can fill up to the word count of 10,000 and beyond.

    Whether it is the topic that you have selected or it has been suggested by the faculty; students must have a full understanding of the topic. If you start writing the project thinking that you will understand it while writing then a lot of confusion is going to be reflected in your writing. This is why do your research and homework before embarking on the journey of writing.

  • Preparation of the proposal:

    Whether it is a dissertation or a thesis; their proposal has to be submitted to get approval from the faculty or the committee. This proposal acts like a prospectus that gives an idea of what your research work is going to be about and how you are thinking to conduct the research. It also highlights how your research will fill the gaps of the previous research in a similar area of study and what loopholes doe your research possesses.

    Students often take research proposal writing help from online platforms and then take the same proposal as a guideline to continue the rest of the project.

  • Infrastructure or outline building:

    After your proposal has been accepted; it is time to start prepping for your research work (dissertation or thesis). Build an outline that will work as an infrastructure for your whole project. Add all the important points that you don’t want to miss from your project. In addition to that; make sure to build this outline in the following order:

    • Title page.
    • Abstract.
    • Table of contents.
    • Introduction.
    • Body.
    • Conclusion.
    • References.
  • Collection of data:

    This is the part that the students are most scared of or kind of get irritated with. It is because they have to go through different authentic sources in order to gather relatable data that proves their point. Sounds intimidating right? Some students take cheap dissertation writing services to get done with it while some do all the work by themselves. Both ways are fine as long as you are collecting the data from reliable sources.

  • Division of sections:

    You would have noticed in Undergraduate dissertation examples or other samples of thesis projects that the main body of these projects is divided into five different sections. Each of these sections is extremely integral and is as follows:

    1. Introduction: This is the section where a student is required to begin with a hook line followed by a slight hint to the background. The most important part of this section is the inclusion of the thesis statement or objective of the project towards the end of the paragraph.
    2. Literature review: This is the longest section of a dissertation or thesis as it contains the data from previously done research works in the related area of study. The previously published research works have to be cited in this section as pieces of evidence for your argument.
    3. Methodology: The student needs to work really hard in this section as he has to conduct research in order to prove that his argument was right from the beginning.
    4. Findings: The research conducted by the student leads to certain results which are included in the findings sections.
    5. Discussion: The raw form of results from the finding section is evaluated and critically analyzed by the student in this section of the dissertation or thesis project.
  • Assembling of data:

    This is the part where all of your gathered data and the points that you have noted down from the lectures or different looks must be arranged in their respective places and designated sections.

  • Sticking to the format:

    The format of the academic projects plays an integral role in contributing to the scores so don’t take it lightly. If you are not aware of the correct formatting of the dissertation or thesis then either buy cheap dissertation help or take the assistance of the following guidelines;

    • Choose a theme size of 12 and a theme font of Times New Roman.
    • Pick a preferred referencing style depending upon your discipline varying from APA referencing style to MLA referencing style and stick to it throughout the project.
    • Number your pages.
    • Add a border to the pages.

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Ways to write a prize-winning dissertation and thesis:

The above-mentioned were the steps that can get you passing marks in your dissertation or thesis projects but if you want to achieve prize winnings cores then you will have to work a little extra on your projects. Add the following elements to make your dissertation /thesis effective;

  • Qualities such as exceptional clarity, superior presentation, and originality of argument.
  • Thorough knowledge of the subject.
  • Extreme comprehension of the issues and disputes.
  • Confidence in the authority or materials’ selection plus interpretation.
  • Evidence of independent thought and analysis in answering the issue through the logical and convincing development of an argument.
  • Use an appropriate writing style that is expressed clearly and concisely.
  • Use of citations only from authentic sources.
  • No scope for any sort of errors because of thoroughly done proofreading and editing.
  • Zero plagiarism detection.

If you want to achieve first-class standard scoring in your project then these are the attributes that must be added to your project.

What is the best dissertation prize?

The educational institutes and faculties established the Outstanding Dissertation Award in 1979 to honor outstanding work by doctorate students and to promote the highest standards of scholarship, research, and writing. It is given to the students whose dissertation receives the greatest overall score (written as well as oral).

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Is a dissertation harder than a thesis?

A dissertation could be more challenging for some students than a thesis. It can be more difficult to create an original research idea for a dissertation than to expand on an existing one. The difficulty of a thesis or dissertation, however, will vary depending on your individual skill set.

Basically; if you have a thorough understanding of the project writing and a clear comprehension of the topic in discussion then nothing will be difficult for you. But if it is the other way around then you will face difficulty in each step of writing. Moreover; time management also plays an integral role in making the project easier or harder for you which is why it must be divided wisely.

Is it hard to get a 2.1 in a dissertation?

Getting a 2.1 in a dissertation might be a little hard but it is not impossible. You will have to follow the below-mentioned steps in order to achieve a 2.1 in your dissertation or thesis:

  • Prepare drafts earlier.
  • Be precise and concise.
  • Demonstrate extensive research.
  • Maintain a consistent angle.
  • Have a good understanding of your issues and arguments.
  • Evaluate your statements critically.
  • Use the academic references correctly.
  • Provide a balanced and well-considered answer to the question.

How much is a dissertation worth UK?

Even though different universities have different assigned percentages for dissertation projects but most commonly; the worth of dissertation projects varies from 25% to 33%. The obtained percentage of your dissertation project will then be added to your final scores. So; this is the easiest way to add grades to your semester without having to memorize anything as in the case of exams.

If your dissertation has certain shortcomings and the faculty is not accepting it then you will be given a certain time frame to make the necessary revisions. The chronological order of the percentages that a dissertation might get is as follow;

  • Dissertations that receive 70% and higher are classified among first-class standard grades,
  • Dissertations that receive 60% to 69% are classified among the group of 2.1 grades.
  • Dissertations that receive 50% to 59% are classified among the category of 2.2 grades.
  • Dissertations with 40% to 49% fall under the category of 3rd standard grade and below that marks from failing percentage.

If you also want to experience a feeling of accomplishment and achieve good grades then follow the above-mentioned steps with full dedication.


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