Ways AI Is Changing The Education Industry

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The Education System For The Better

Artificial intelligence has taken many industries by the storm, where it has proven itself to become a necessity for not only businesses but also students, to proceed competitively ahead.

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Tool for the Industry

Since AI has already stepped into the global market, it is making its way further to reach its full potential. It is with no doubt that many corporations and especially startups are investing in AI technology to gain a competitive advantage.

It is said 84% of the enterprise believes that investing in AI, will most definitely lead to achieving a greater competitive advantage, where Gartner has forecasted that by 2020, AI will become the top investment priority for many corporations.

The Contention

It is a debatable statement that AI will be able to replace teachers due to its excessive usage and popularizing investments. Even though in the US alone, 47.5% of AI growth is projected in their education system, where an application of AI for education will be available to more than 29,000 schools, all over the UK.

It may seem enchanting but many argue that the presence of a teacher is not replaceable by AI, where a teacher is still needed no matter how much capital is invested in AI.

With this being said, here are some reasons how AI is changing the education system for the better.

Makes Writing an Ease

Whether it is an assignment, essay, coursework, or dissertation, then AI makes writing easy. There is software like Grammarly for example, which helps students to save time and fixes any grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, or unnecessary words.

Also, advanced software like the National language process and National language generator, which can be an amazing tool for students asking their friends or supervisors to write my dissertation online, as these AI software’s can self-understand and self-interpret complex data, writing accurate content out of it.

Makes Education Against All Odds

Due to the covid-19 incident, a lot of the industries were forced to either shut down temporarily, completely, or just work from home which it has reported to reduce productivity comparatively. But as for the education industry, it didn’t really stop thanks to AI.

Due to applications like zoom, it has given flexibility for both the students and teachers, where the teachers can teach and the students are able to learn, all from the comforts of their home with every resource available necessary for learning. It helps against any unforeseen situations like covid-19.

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Helps with Administrative Paperwork

In many cases, AI is used for grading the student’s assignments as well as the exams. This has become a common practice in many educational institutes which saves a lot of time, for the teachers to prepare or handle other work. There is many AI software which are able to better the grading system in a super quick manner.

This leaves no room for students bargaining with the teachers for extra marks or even blaming the teacher for incorrect marking.


AI can help students with the accessibility of eBooks, articles, research findings, and other study material which provides extra knowledge. This is not only extra knowledge but also keeps the students in loop of updated study material which will help them for their exams or assignments.

Assists the Disabled Students

Many disabled students use AI for further and higher learning. AI is able to make things easier for them. For example, there are audiobooks in order for the blind to understand written text, and even speaking machines like augmented communication and voice output communication for better interaction for those with speech disorder.

AI also caters to skills and needs identification, where through AI, a personalized course is designed for a particular student according to their capabilities. This is where each student is tested according to their skills.

Remote Invigilating

This is another innovative ease for the education system for both teachers and the students. This is where the students are able to give their exams in their home and the invigilation will be done through:

  • A web-cam attached
  • Tests shuts-down if no activity is performed on the screen after 5 or 10 minutes
  • Test shuts-down if another window is opened.

This helps not only the invigilators but helps to avoid any cheating during the home-based exams. Also, it brings ease for the students and avoids the suspense of exam tension.

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AI has changed the outlook of the education industry, where it caters to fulfill the current weakness of the education system, making a positive impact around the world. It serves as a good opportunity for teachers to better their teaching process with updated resources, as students are more inclined towards these methods. It enables them to teach more effectively.


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